<<<<<<<  QUALITY POLICY >>>>>>>


Based upon Strategic Longterm Partnership with Quality partners /suppliers, JMCOPL, to provide

QUALITY Products & Services & TIME Delivery  with COMPETITIVE Cost to

enhance Customer Satisfaction by Continual Improvement In 

Quality Management System through Team Work of 

All Members / Stackholders of Organization.



ISO 9001:2008


HS&E (Health, Safety & Environment) 

We at JMCOPL ensure International standards of Health & Safety for our Workers of our associate & project wherein we are partner. JMCOPL have set a clear cut goal to achieve the highest standards for Health & Safety.

JMCOPL, want the safety of all workers executing our projects and for that we will provide all the essential safety gears and jackets and PPE.

JMCOPL, want a safer working environment for our people and its surroundings. JMCOPL as an organization is environment conscious. We always take care of the People & the Planet in our endeavors.

We work with a coordinated strategy with our stakeholders to help maintain a cleaner planet and the evidence of it can be seen through the way we do business.