Cement Industry

Representation/Collaboration in Cement Industry 

JMC Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has added the portfolio of Representation in International Business by associating with reputed International companies in diverse sectors such as Cement Plant Manufactuers, based on this strategic plan, JMCOPL tie-up with leading below Chinese & European Cement Plant Spares / Equipment Companies. 

M/s. Nanjing Zhongcai Cement Spare Parts Co.,Ltd.

Address: No 38, Jiangjun Street, Jiangning District, 

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province, China

for supplying Chinese Spares Parts to plant in India, Nepal, Bhutan & Pakistan & African Countries.

Ø  Primarily, the collaboration deals in the following cement plant equipment & spares

ü All equipment / spares manufactured design, drawings available with Nanjing, China.

ü Business Range and Product List

-                 1. Repair & Maintenance of Machinery and Equipment

-                 1.1. Repair for crusher rotor (replacement of hammer disc, disassembling and assembling of end disc and main axle).

-                 1.2. Repair for vertical mill roller assy (disassembly, assembly and maintenance of grinding roller bearing, oil seal, roller sleeve)

-                 1.3. Repair of hydraulic thrust wheel of rotary kiln (disassembly, assembly and maintenance for thrust wheel, thrust wheel shaft)

-                 1.4. Repair of various fan blades

ü 2. Machinery and Equipment Medium & Major Service.

-                 Such as replacement of trunnion shaft of tube mill, drive gear alignment, replacement of roller cover & bearings

ü 3.Product Lists

-                 3.1 Vertical mill parts

-                 Grinding roller assy, grinding roller shaft, sealing unit, bush, various lining plate, guard plate, grinding roller lining plate, reducer thrust bush, roller cover, nozzle ring, pressure plate, scraper, thining oil station rubber sealing, HP oil station, rubber sealing, grinding roller bearing, taper pin, expansion cover etc.

-                 3.2.All parts for Rotary Kiln

-                 Air cooling device, kiln outlet sealing unit, sealing disc, wear resisting plate etc.

-                 Kiln hood, Inspection hole, high temp hole lid, roller wheel, bearings

-                 Kiln inlet seal unit: graphite block, fixed socket, spring etc.

-                 Thrust roller supporting device: thrust roller, thrust roller shaft, bearing, cylinder, sealing ring etc. Supporting device: supporting roller, shaft, bushing, spherical bush, graphite block etc.

-                 Drive device: pinion, gear shaft, bearing , motor, reducer etc. Skewed tooth clutch:spring, clip ring, pin shaft, retainer ring

-                 Gear hood: seal ring, gasket etc

-                 Kiln Shell: kiln shell, kiln outlet, inlet protecting plate, kiln tyre, girth gear, bolts and nuts.

-                 3.3.All parts for Crusher Parts

-                 Rotor section:rotor assy, main shaft, end disc, hammer disc, hammer shaft, hammer head, belt pulley.etc

-                 Grate section:grate plate, grate bracket, impact felt

-                 Shell: liners,liner bolt, tooth plate, impact plate

-                 3.4. All parts for Tube mill parts

-                 End liners, support bush, bolt, blind plate, splint, heat insulate plate, main shaft bush,trunnion shaft, socket, flange, lower taper cover, feeding plate, discharge sieve, grate bracket, grate plate etc.

-                 3.5. All parts for Cooler parts

-                 Fixed air duct unit: air cannon, seal gasket, magnetic valve, heat resistant nozzle

-                 Grates:various grate plate, grate beam, bolts, striker plate discharge air lock unit, electric arc valve

-                 Support wheel, guide wheel device: support wheel, wheeltrack,guide wheel

-                 Driving device: slide block shaft, crankshaft, torque tube, sprocket wheels, flywheel, sprocket wheel casing, shaft bush, bush, sealing unit, sealing hood, connection rod device for crank slide bock, bearing, bearing housing, grate plate frame etc.

-                 Chain conveyor: T chain, wear resisting bush, sprocket wheel, driving chain, head wheel device, end wheel device etc

-                 3.6.All parts for Preheater and Calciner

-                 Cyclone:C1~C5 hangers, expansion join tetc

-                 Air lock valve:C1~C5 air lock valve,C1~C5 valve plate with shaft and pin,bearing.rotary discharge feeder and accessories etc

-                 Feeding chamber:feeding spoon etc

-                 Tertiary air tube:Tertiary air tube valve plate, loop chain

-                 3.7.All parts for Separator

-                 Rotary section:cage wheel, main shaft, main shaft sleeve, ceramic chap etc

-                 Guide vane rotating device, driving device: main motor, main reducer, coupling

-                 Sealing device:upper sealing ring, lower sealing ring, oil seal, spreading device: spreading plate

-                 3.8.All parts for Roller Press

-                 Oil seal, wear resisting plate, dust cover, valve plate, wear resisting block, side baffle plate, build welding material, roller, sealing ring.etc

-                 3.9.All parts for Conditioning Tower

-                 Spray gun, nozzle(inlet), gate, HP hose, helix etc

-                 3.10.All parts for Burner

-                 Burner head: Metal hose, nozzle, cyclone disk, coal air tube, wear resisting cover, joint, A type butterfly valve etc.

-                 3.11. All parts for Bag(electrostatic)Filter

-                 Filter bag, bag cage, rotary discharge valve, pulse valve, pulse vlave diaphragm, pressure gauge, air regulating valve, ball valve, venturi, air filter, safety valve, anti-explosion valve, cylinder, cylinder sealing, cutoff valve, FRL combination air units, etc.

-                 Insulator, ceramic shaft, wear casing wall, Emitting rapping hammer, collecting rapping hammer, dust bearing, positive plate, corona wire(H.V. Charging), positive plate, shim, etc.

-                 3.12. All Parts for Conveyor

-                 Hopper with fixed foot, roller chain, tail bearing, plum pad for fluid coupling, fusible plug for fluid coupling, connecting bolt unit for hopper, rubber gasket for hopper, bolts, nuts and washers for fixed hopper, fluid coupling, rubber pads, various rollers for kiln roller, etc.

-                 List is very exhaustive, please intimate your requirement, we will inform about possibility of supply, please.

-                 Supervision services for above plant erection & commissioning

Further, we are now, exclusive marketing distribution partner of following European Company;





  • Sliding bearings
    • The PG Systemtechnik GmbH covers the whole range of supply of sliding bearings for power plants, pipe constructions and civil engineering.  
  • PTFE products
    • semi-finished and finished parts – from easy shapes to high sophisticated parts
    • PTFE for sliding bearings in bridge bearing and bearing quality
  • Our Services:
    • Design and calculation of sliding bearings and accessories as well as calculation of the connection to on site structure made by professional personnel
    • Assembly and installation instructions, training on site, installation by professional fitting and installation companies 
  • Pipe Rack Jack® (Easy Pipe Lifting Tool):
    • patented tool made of high-quality aluminium
    • easy and cost-saving for lifting pipelinesRepresentation/Collaboration